Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy: the process of using human stem cells to treat or cure diseases and disorders. Stem Cells are the master cells of the human body. They are responsible for the growth and repair of all tissues and organs including the skin, muscle, heart, and brain. All other cells originate from stem cells, which include blood cells, nerves, and many others.

Stem cell therapy is used today as an alternative form of treatment for certain diseases and disorders of the immune system. Learn more about Stem Cell Therapy from this website. Many people suffer from diseases of the immune system such as allergies, cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome. They feel tired, weak, and stressed after taking part in a lot of activity or exercising. To increase the strength and endurance of the immune system, stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine is used.

Many people, especially those suffering from diseases of the nervous system, have benefited from stem cell therapies. Nervous system diseases include Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s Disease, Autism, and Cancer. Stem cell therapies use these stem cells taken from the patient to treat or cure the disease. In some rare instances, oral medication may be prescribed for patients. However, in most cases, injections of the stem cells are used as part of the treatment protocol. Treatments often focus on increasing the strength of the spinal cord, improving posture and movement, and relieving pain.

The clinical trials performed to test the effects of stem cell therapy on heart function show that the cells can indeed improve heart function. Doctors are eager to try this new treatment for heart disease patients. In a recent study, patients with heart failure who had not responded to medical treatments were given a high dose of a stem cell therapy called Laminectine. Within two months, researchers noticed an improvement in the patient’s heart function tests and a decrease in heart attacks. After the treatment, researchers found that the number of heart attacks decreased by nearly one-third.

Another type of stem cell product, Mesotherapy, uses different types of injectable solutions. Some products contain only stem cells, while others contain only saline solution. The only injectable solution is a mixture of saline and bovine collagen. Clinical trials have shown that both types of injectable solutions are effective. Click this link to get more info about Stem Cell Therapy. Other clinical trials, however, have not found enough evidence to indicate that injection type is more effective.

There are currently clinical trials testing stem cell therapy to treat other medical conditions. If successful, doctors may be able to transplant the heart tissue to treat heart disease. Currently, there are clinical trials testing autologous bone-marrow stem cells for treating ovarian cancer. Autologous cells are considered to be the building blocks of the heart tissue. Scientists have also completed several animal trials using autologous cells to treat various diseases, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Learn more from

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